Park Reviews

We commonly receive comments from owners, tenants and vacationers regarding their experience at Cortez Park. We have posted several of them below:


"My husband and I rented a unit in Cortez Park, and were so impressed with the beauty of the park and the friendly, active community, that we purchased here. We had been planning to purchase a condo, but Cortez Park's convenient location to the beaches and waterfront views are impossible to beat. This place is truly an Old Florida paradise!"

-- Peter and Holly Newstein
Park Residents


"While we have vacationed on or near Anna Maria Island for several years we were unaware of the features of the area available at Cortez Park. So, as we were wintering nearby we found a listing for the beautiful Sarasota Bay waterfront in the park. We purchased our unit in February and can't wait for Fall to return. The residents are welcoming and have made us and our pet very comfortable and like a part of a happy family."

-- Rich and Robin Mohl
Park Residents


"I've been a grateful owner in Cortez Park for about 10 years...but before that, I've been a guest with both my grandparents and my parents. So, I've been familiar with this park for over 40 years and my own children represent the fourth generation of Cortez Park admirers. I just love this area! I love how close we are to the water providing us with amazing views, brilliant sunsets, and great fishing too. My experience is that our community is loaded with considerate and selfless residents who commit themselves to being great neighbors and making our park great. I'm regularly stopped by neighbors asking for my daily fishing report or checking-in on the well-being of my family.

When I'm asked to close my mind and visualize a place where my stress and worries melt away, I picture sitting on the end of our park dock watching the passing birds, taking-in the assortment of boats purring out in the channel, and feeling the breeze rustling though my hair as the light dances off the waves in the bay."

-- Tom and Barb Busch
Park Residents


"I came to Cortez Park for an overnight visit several years ago. When I went home the next day (raving about the park and the friendly people) my family knew it was just a matter of time before I left them to move to Paradise.

I've lived in the park for many years now and am so glad I made the move. The location is wonderful (we can walk to the beach), and the people are so friendly (I've made more friends here than I did in my suburban neighborhood where I lived for over 20 years)."

-- Karen Graham
Park Resident


"Years ago, my wife and I were vacationing on Anna Maria Island and I promised my wife that I would buy her a place in this area called 'Paradise'. So, after retirement and looking at all my options, I could not find any better people and place to live out my 'SALTLIFE'.

We love this place, but a place is just a place. It's the people that make this place 'Very Special.'"

-- Jackie and Juan
Park Residents (Lot # 32)


"My wife, Barbara, and I had spent several months each winter in a campground in Cortez, and absolutely loved the area. We were right on the water with access to the intracoastal, Sarasota Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. Cortez is a historical and still active commercial fishing village, with a tight-knit group of friendly, hardworking residents. Sport fishing is great here as well, and Sarasota and Bradenton offer arts, great shopping, and many activities. When the campground changed ownership and the personality of the park changed, we were desperate to find a park with friendly people, on the same waters or similar waters. We pretty much looked over the entire state of Florida, and found that all we had to do was cross the street, and go to the waterfront in the little park on the south east corner of the Cortez Bridge. The park was, and still is, "Old Florida", with live oaks, some of them huge, and lots of lovely Florida vegetation, shell/gravel roadways. We bought a home on a leased lot. One thing lead to another, and in 2008, a group of the residents formed a coop, Cortez Park Homeowners, and purchased the park. We bought our share, and could not be happier. The homeowners are friendly and helpful and look out for each other, and we all have the wonderful offerings of the area available, beaches just across the bridge, great fishing from shore or boat, on-the-water living, and restaurant choices that would take years to cover. For those who love seafood, it's heaven, with three fresh fish houses within walking distance! Take a look for yourself. Well, time to go to the waterfront and watch the sunset!"

-- Carl & Barbara
Park Residents


"I became part of the family at the Park in 2009. Having friends of 20 plus years (Jim & Nancy Bresnahan) living in the Park really made me feel at home. They introduced me to their neighbors Alma, Joann, Bud, Ed & Donna along with many others and I just knew this is where I wanted to be. Since then so many others have become second family to me and we all enjoy living in Paradise. I cannot think of a better place to be."

-- Gloria Weir
Park Resident (Lot # 7)


"Hmm, another glorious day at Cortez Park. What to do?

Pour a cup of coffee and stroll a few yards to the Park's waterfront and watch the sailboats cruise by?

Walk or bicycle over Cortez Bridge to the Gulf beaches awaiting directly at the other end? (Shops, restaurants and a free trolley too!)

Amble over to an on-site or nearby eatery - the Starfish, Tide Tables, Seafood Shack, or one of the others - but which one?

Of course the Park always has social events to join as well. Perhaps an outing to a museum, theater or restaurant? Spring baseball training any one?

To cap off the day, pour a glass of wine, walk over to the Park's sea wall and join in conversations or just watch for dolphins, leaping mullets and dive-bombing pelicans. Then take a deep breath, smile and enjoy another spectacular sunset.

What a life!"

-- Guna MacDonald
Park Resident (Lot # 51)